Help with the app

I’m struggling with the app. Should I be able to check off rows as I work ? None of the links work to review the pattern. Once I open a pattern I have to force close the app to be able to go back to the main page. Help!!


Yes you should be able to click and the line crosses off as you work, I’m confused by what you mean by links to review the pattern, do you happen to have a screenshot of what you mean? To close the pattern once you’re in it there should be a little arrow at the bottom right (circled in white in the screenshot) or depending on what phone you use there should be a shortcut to go back, for me I have an android and can also click the bottom left button (circled in white as well) and that works


This is the screenshot of a pattern. None of the buttons at the bottom do anything. Clicking on the row doesn’t check it off. I’m on iPhone 11.


hmm maybe try logging off ribblr and logging in again. if that doesn’t work maybe uninstall and reinstall the app. it may be that ribblr hasn’t updated properly or something.


To review its done through the journal, I circled it in the screenshot


There it will lead you to something like this, the thumbs up and down to answer the question to the left of it, you can post an image of your product from the pattern and some notes you had, they’re all together so feel free to take as many photos and notes as you’d like however make sure to never share anything directly from the pattern, I removed the image you had right now as well as it shows parts of a pattern


As for the lines where do you click? It needs to be directly on the text for it to cross off, making sure not to touch any text that’s underlined as it’ll show a Ribblr video on how to do that specific stitch


Thank you everyone!! It was such a simple fix for me. I had to watch the video on how to navigate through the pattern before it “opened “ everything up for me. :woman_facepalming:. Now the page isn’t dark and all the buttons work.


Glad everything is fixed! :smile: