hey ppllll! today i’ve felt a bit down…boy trouble, i know this isnt rlly the normal type of stuff ppl post on ribblr but i rlly need help-

so this guy i like (from school) likes this other girl and she doesn’t like him back, but im to scared to ask him if he likes me back bc this other girl already told him but like i said im scared to ask if he liked me back…what do i do??


I think you should get to know him better, if he just got rejected by that girl he’s not really gonna feel in a place to start liking someone else just yet, in my experience. also, if you get to know him better you can see if you really do like him all that much before he gets attached too. this is what works best that i’ve observed with me and some other people. hope this helps a bit!


tyyyy! ill def try that but the thing is im legit so scared bc hes popular and im…how do i put this…?

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I totally get that, honestly if you ever have the opportunity to talk to him you should but especially if he’s popular and you don’t know him very well, it probably isn’t going to work out too great. just try to talk to him (in the last weird way possible) and get to know him before you make any moves :))


ty! we just got our classes for the new year and hes in my class! so that’s the best opportunity i’ve got!