How do I create my own patterns on ribblr, you guys?!?


You first start a shop by messaging Ribblr. They will approve it probably in 1 day. Then you press on the my shop icon at the top screen and then click create patter. Hope this helps!


Once your account has been made into a shop, there will be a little icon in the top right corner of the home page that will take you to your shop, scroll down and there will be a big “+” telling you to add a pattern, click there, write the pattern, then when you exit/once the pattern is finished click the three dots next to the pattern name and click “price and sale”, then you’re able to set a price and a sale if you want.

if you want someone to test the pattern, ideally make a community post to get volunteers, then note down their username(s), go back to your shop (home page → shop icon) and there should be somewhere near the top left that says shop manager, click there, then near the centre of the page there will be a “testers” tab, go there, type in the username and what pattern then add them there, then go back to your pattern and click the three dots then “send to testers”

I know this is a lot to read, hopefully it helps, if not feel free to send me a private message!


I’m new here too…

it was a little confusing at first, but did start to come together really quickly.

I did message the Ribblr folks twice, and was pleasantly surprised at how fast and helpful their responses were.

I found that, for me, my patterns were written into a Word document in a table format. That didn’t work easily. I transferred what I could, but discovered that if I put my patterns into Google Docs “line by line”, it worked very nicely. I’m going to continue to write my patterns in this format with the full intention to make publishing to Ribblr as streamlined as possible.

I was spending a great deal of time just explaining stitches in my patterns, with Ribblr, I don’t have to do that anymore. Literally: the sky is the limit in the stitches I choose to use because Ribblr will “explain” it to the customer.

Go to YouTube and search up Ribblr. They have short tutorials that explain what to do. Very light hearted, clean and easy to follow. I learned from that and it really, really helped.