Helpppppp crochet block

Guysssss I have crochet block really bad even though I have tests and WIPs I could work on. GIVE ME SOMETHING I COULD MAKE PLEASE. Either a (free) pattern or an idea I’ll take anythingggg


hmmmmmm you should make a caterpillar FREE Caterpillar: Crochet pattern | Ribblr


I just made a bunch of octopus keychains (test, pattern is by @sweettomato) and that really helped clear my mind!


A koala maybe (completely random but whatever) OR (this is actually such a good one) a toy plane @HotofftheHookbyCatie!You can hang it up from your ceiling with bracelet string or fishing line and they are adorable!:yellow_heart:


I have a free (quick) pattern for a bow on my page and I’m about to post a new pattern in an hour or so. Also, I have another pattern that needs testers if you’d like to help! One thing I like doing with crochet is scrunchies which is the pattern I’m gonna post soon.


arumigrumi side: jellyfish, squirrel, turtle, leggy frog, all of these i know have free patterns out there that are good!

accessories/home stuff: make a coaster, fingerless gloves, a hat/beanie (i know it’s not beanie season but you could make a granny square hat for the beach or something!), a shirt of some sorts

if you want a bigger project make a granny square blanket it’s super easy and quicker than other ones!


OK, I say make a test, then go make some random keychain or home decor, like a mobile or that plane @RainbowPenguin2 suggested which sounds really cool. then when you feel like you’ve made some stuff make another test and then make a vest or hat or some granny squares. Theres my plan :upside_down_face: