Hero/Swim Chao Amigurumi Plush

Hi, guys!

As my Christmas break continues, I’ve just finished a new crochet project. This is a hero chao with the swim type, from the ‘Sonic Adventure’ series. There’s this feature called ‘3D Chao Viewer’, in which you can play around and make a chao look how you want it, such as colour, animal parts and traits. Without this, I would find crocheting chao much more difficult, because I’m very picky with the shape and colour.

This chao is going to be my next crochet pattern tester call in January, but I’m not exactly sure when, during that month. However, I heard the network was down for some people, so I understand that they may be facing issues accessing my current crochet pattern test ‘Elephant Toadette’. The deadline is still 4th January, but if anyone needs more time, I’d be happy to postpone the deadline and the date of publicly uploading the pattern. I hope everything’s OK, now.


Very nice it came out really well! Definitely post that tester info in the tester group message you created to make make sure they see it :smile: I love how you did the eyes :laughing:


Omg it looks amazing. Congrats.


It looks amazing!! There’s so much detail!

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