hey! (desperately need some new ideas + some pattern updates)

sooo i’ve been writing some new patterns but end up never finishing anything because i have no idea of which kind of pattern rlly sells?!! if anyone has the slightest idea plsss leave a comment. i work w/ literally anything but tunisian crochet - yet - so… anything helps, really.

idk if that matters, but i’m REALLY into adventure time, bee n puppycat, bunnies (who would’ve guessed?!) and animal crossing.

besides that i found some issues w/ 2 patterns, so i’m gonna update them (hopefully i’ll be finished in a few hours. i’ll try to notify the ppl who already bought them, so pls comment here if you did!).

it’s kinda urgent bc besides my country’s economy in shambles my mom’s having serious (like SERIOUS serious) trouble w/ work for the past 2 months and she has to pay for our psych treatment (hers, my brother’s and mine. mine alone used to cost her about 3k brl - ± 570 usd - but i’ll have to go back to a few expensive meds so it’s gonna be… tough).

i’m gonna have to pay at least for my crafts n jewelry store’s stuff or else her treatment will soon be costing much more as well :smiling_face_with_tear: and again, any info would help me a lot!!


i think festive patterns are quite popular because people are starting to make Christmas presents for family/friends so maybe Christmas/Halloween patterns will sell best?


OHHHH you just reminded me i was working on a halloween-ish pattern! i’ll do that :purple_heart:


As I understand it, if you make a change to a pattern, the change will be instant for everyone that bought it already. You don’t have to inform them.


I’m so sorry @bunbun. It seems that the person with mental illness has to overcome so much to get the treatment.
Meds being so expensive- don’t get me started! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


I’m so sorry for what’s going on in your life, you and your family will be in my prayers :pray:
As for suggestions, I would say seasonal or holiday patterns/projects tend to be more popular! Especially if it’s a gift-giving holiday such as Christmas and Hanukkah :relaxed:
Hope this helps!!


OH okay that’s a relief!! tysm ;;


yeeeeeep :')


thank u so much for that :purple_heart::purple_heart: and ty for the tip! i!ll try to start some stuff for the next holidays :>


My daughter was telling me the toys I make , like makeup set, octopi with babies, lots of any one animal in different colors, make believe hammers, stethoscope, and dolls with clothes would sell very well to the moms that she knows. Think moms with small children.
Advantages: the toys are soft, nobody can get hurt (unless they are huge), helps little ones to make believe, recognize animals and other “nouns”, help with organization skills, toys are washable ( who cleans their children’s plastic toys on a regular basis?) and so on.
So I have this small purse with make believe makeup that I could easily sell for $35.



dolls are kinda difficult to sell in brazil bc there are more ppl creating them than ppl buying them lol but OH MY GOD the make believe science paraphernalia idea would be a huge game changer, specially considering the kind of ppl who buy my stuff!

there are so many young moms my age who know how complex, time consuming and expensive these things are AND are willing to support small businesses AND want to help their children - specially girls - develop their knowledge on stuff that’s usually “boy stuff” aaaand, on top of that, have similar mental conditions so they never >not< empathize w me lol :purple_heart:

that would really be a win/win situation for literally everyone involved. sh*t i just :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: completely!! thank you so much?!!!?! :sob::sparkling_heart: