Hey guys!! 😋

I hope everyone is doing amazing!
I wanted to share something kinda random but yk it’s ok…:joy:
So lately, I have been comparing myself to people a lot, and feeling pretty down. I realized it this morning when I almost started crying for not PRing on a veryyyy hard cross country course :expressionless:

My parents were being very kind and encouraging and I kept saying I did bad but I actually did pretty well :woman_facepalming:

I was thinking about all the bad things that happened in the race and my dad finally said “what did you do do good in the race? You didn’t stop running; you kept going through the pain!” :pleading_face:

The reason I wanted to shared this is because, you (EVERYONE) need to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your goals, and what makes you happy while loving others and yourself. I haven’t set much time aside to spend with God and I decided that I want to start growing my faith, If you want to join me I am going to be doing something similar to Ashley Hetherington!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck: Here’s a link to her video:

-Haley :sparkles:


Tysm for this! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down lately, and i hope you find strength in the Lord to help you through the hard times! I also struggle with comparing myself to others, so this is a great reminder to me! I am trying to set apart more time for God and growing my faith as well. Thank you so so much for this reminder along with the video; I really needed to hear this.


Thank you! :blush: I’m so happy to hear that this was helpful :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for sharing this. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling this way sometimes. I’ll be praying for you to feel more fulfilled within yourself as a child of God and loving who he created you to be! <3


My comparison with others and even myself stopped when I started understanding my identity in Christ.
Just sharing……:heart::heart::heart: