Hi! I have another question 😅

Hello and good morning/evening! So I’m crocheting again! As soon as I woke up I started to crochet. (Because I don’t know what happens but overnight I guess I got an obsession with crocheting :sweat_smile:) So I have been asking a lot of questions lately! So I am making a bucket hat for my baby bunny (using chunky yarn) So I made the hat so far…To start, I made 6 chain for ear holes, then skipped three stitches to make the holes to put the ears in. But then the next round after that, it said to skip the three stitches on the ear holes so the hat got smaller. I continued and in the end it was too small to fit the bunny’s head :cry: I’m a little clueless at the moment with this hat, and I need help! (Images of the hat with bunny I made bellow :arrow_down:)


i think its saying to skip the 3st and then sc in the ch? idk you should contact the designer <3


hi, i think it means you skip three to get back to the original stitch count. because you only skipped 3, but chained 6, the stich count would’ve gone up 3. you skip 3 to get back to the original count. i’m not 100% sure but i think that’s it!


Hmm- okay! Thanks and welcome to Ribblr @ecrochets!


Maybe! Thanks! I’ll try!