Hi im lauren

Hi im lauren, 19, and im looking for some friends who are 18+
i crochet, love music, will talk about anything, and im autistic

dm me


Welcome!!:hugs: is 60 Old enough?!


I believe so lol


Not to be rude or anything- but why 18+? And also, dose it count if your mind is 18+?

cause i also need to gain social skills from people my age too and good question

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hi!! my name is clare and i’m 18! what kind of music do you like?

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everthing except opera

That sounds sussssss hahaha

Sadly it is :pensive:

I’m not eighteen or above but there are lots of fiber artists so I’m sure you’ll find some friends in your age group. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


@SwaggyStitches I love your pfp! Did you make it yourself? It’s really good!

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Ah thank you!! Yes I did actually I used a kit from Amazon :slight_smile:

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I love Jack lol! It’s my fav holiday movie!

Me too! I got nightmare before Christmas jars for Christmas they say “frogs breath” and stuff like that on them I love them :joy:

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AMAZING. okie so if we continue talking about this we shouldn’t do it here because it’s not related to Lauren. Sorry!

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