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So I’m starting to plan out a pattern for my shop that I just created. If you have any tips for the process, for posting a tester call, or any tips that are related to this, they would all be appreciated. Even a simple good luck is also very much appreciated. :four_leaf_clover: (Extra points if it’s a Disney one)

Thanks you all!!! :black_heart:🩷:black_heart:🩷🩷:black_heart:🩷🩷

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When you make a testing pattern, make sure not to forget the yarn preferences, what time you will be choosing the testers, when the due date is, and optional, what yarn and hook (size) you used! Don’t forget to whistle while you work too! :crazy_face:

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Good luck!
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Congrats on starting your store and making a pattern. The only patterns i can make are for graphgans, when it comes to amigarumi i just think about what i want to make and then just start with a basic shape and tweek it as i go, makes duplicating difficult. I am Wow’ed by everyone who creates these amazing patterns and i know you’ll do great. Can’t wait to see what you’ve created :blush:


I’m just making an appliqué right now lol. But I’m typing the pattern and posting the tester call right now!!


TAKE PICTURES (and videos as needed) ALONG THE WAY. Unless you want to make another one and take pictures of that one along the way, use Ribbuild to type your pattern along the way so you dont forget what you did and add pictures or videos as needed.


Thanks for all your tips and support!

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Can’t wait!


I use a paper project journal to sketch and take detailed notes as I go when designing. My process is similar to many others (I actually made a post about that last week and got some good feedback from other designers, see Designers - what's your process?).
This is my minimum process, but I often make things three times (that’s easier for me since I specialize in tiny amigurumi):

  1. Sketch & plan general project shape
  2. First test crochet, write down pattern as I go
  3. (If necessary edit and make again to ensure pattern works)
  4. Enter pattern into Ribblr
  5. Make it again to ensure I didn’t make any errors and it flows well on Ribblr, taking pictures/videos along the way
  6. Tester call

Tips from my experience and feedback from testers that helped along the way:
-Include row/round counts
-well lit, detailed pics and videos are super helpful, make a little photography set up wherever you crochet
-use standard crochet terminology, abbreviations, links to recommended yarn, hooks, etc.
-take advantage of Ribblr’s tools by using the interactive features (e.g. color key, translation)
-editing a pattern, especially if you need to move rows around, is much easier in Ribbuild on PC/laptop!
-include a short pattern intro that says something about the unique construction, inspiration, etc.
-appreciate your testers and credit them

Here’s a candid pic of my primary crochet workspace just for fun!


Test I use for tester call, feel free to borrow as much as you’d like. Include your $selfee so there’s a link to your shop for ppl who are curious but don’t want to test. Also, after you’ve selected testers you can delete the test link or close the the post by tagging @ leaders.

I welcome repeat testers for my patterns but I always include somebody with low or no karma to get fresh perspectives…

Tester Call Post

Please only apply if you have time to finish by the due date. If you haven’t tested for me before, to increase your odds of being chosen for testing apply then comment or PM with a pic of the yarn you will use.

About 1 1/4" tall. No-sew/low-sew as usual. Designed in worsted weight cotton with 3.5 mm hook, but use any yarn and colors you like, I love seeing testers’ creative choices! Takes about an hour to stitch up.

Journal with at least one pic of finished project is due by 11:59 pm on January 8, 2024. Testers will be gifted the pattern upon completion.

I will create a group message for testers when the last tester has been chosen. Please use that or PM with any questions or issues since journals will be public after publishing.

I appreciate your time and honest feedback, thanks for considering testing for me!

I greatly appreciate any shares, especially with links to my Ribblr shop. Unique patterns | suettle | Ribblr and tags on Instagram @suettle.

I’m steadily adding my extensive catalog of original designs to Ribblr and I’m creating new ones all the time! If you don’t see one you like, suggest it to me!


i suggest taking lots of pictures, and when u finish typing the pattern, read through it and see how it sounds


You can either approve all the testers at once, if that’s your plan let people know when you’re going to be making your choice or approve them as they apply.
I prefer approving everybody at once and then starting a group p.m. with a reminder of the project requirements. It’s a fun way for ribblrrs to connect and they can sometimes even help each other out on the project.


Good luck! Take your time, dont rush, and dont worry if people get impatient. Tell them that if your eushed you will make a crappy pattern. :wink:
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