Hmm 🤔

Howdy y’all,
so basically, I was making this halter top and the back ties up, but I didn’t make the slst chains for the tie up back long enough. Does anyone know how I could extend them? :sob::grimacing:


hmmm, maybe just make some chains and then attach them to the ones on the top to extend them?


There’s two ways I use,

  1. Reconnecting the yarn by inserting your hook into the last stitch you made and pulling through
    For a chain that has stitches in it you attach your yarn to the chain part, chain however many you need, then turn your work and work your stitches into the chain, and slst into where your stitches originally ended
  2. If it’s just a chain that doesn’t have any stitches in it I undo the ch1 FO, tie my yarn back on, and then just continue normally
    Idk if any of that makes sense but I hope it does​:sob::skull:

Yeah, that makes since! Thanks :blush: