Holiday Shop Banner/Profile Pic Contest

Hi guys! I am looking for a Christmas Themed banner and matching profile pic for my shop: Panda Crochets!
Now that Thanksgiving has past, i am rlly feeling in the Christmas spirit! I will be picking 3 winners, and they get to choose new custom patterns from my shop, along with early access to my 600 followers giveaway/early access pattern!
The deadline will be Sunday, December 3rd (next sunday)
I cant wait to see what you guys come up with!
Heres a link to my shop if u want it for something.

Also-we’re soooooo close! Im at 599 followers! Once i hit 600 i will be oing a giveaway(early access to the winners)! Thanks so much you guys for getting me this far so fast! <3
Message something in the chat to show me ur in the contest.