Home button redirects to last viewed pattern

Hi! I’ve been poking around the site and noticed that when I’m in the community forums section the home icon sends me to the last pattern I viewed rather than the pattern homepage.

I was able to narrow stuff down a bit, and it seems like ribblr(.)com is redirecting to ribblr(.)com/pat rather than ribblr(.)com/home.

(sorry for the weird formatting, I was told I couldn’t have links when I tried to post!)

Hi @kriaerikson !

Thanks for reporting!
The home icon should indeed direct you to the home page, I cannot seem to reproduce this issue. Would you be able to tell me the device and browser & version you’re using?
Also, if you want you can DM me a quick video using imgur.

Finally, can you try to log out on www.ribblr.com and then log in again then enter the community to see if the issue persists?

I’m on windows 10 home, version 1909, chrome Version 84.0.4147.135 (64-bit)

I logged out, and the issue didn’t reproduce itself immediately, but began again after I viewed a pattern. I get to the same destination regardless of if I click the home icon or type in the site in the address bar.
The same behavior happens on my mobile browser as well - chrome 84.0.4147.125 on android 10
edit: also happening on firefox – same computer but firefox 79.0 (64-bit).

Thanks @kriaerikson
That is a strange one. I believe it should be fixed for you now.
Let me know!

Thanks! All the site buttons are working as expected :slight_smile:
The redirect issue does still exist if I type into the address bar, but I don’t expect that’ll impact many people at this point.

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This is not actually a bug, but something we implemented to help crafters continue right where they left off when they close a pattern. We are going to improve this behaviour on our next update though. Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile: