Hook hype, favorites???

Hello Crafters,

What are your favorite crochet hooks?
Plastic- Crafter’s Square (dollar tree)
Metal- Boye
Ergonomic- Hobby Lobby brand ergonomic
Splurge ($$$)- Clover Amour

Thanks so much for sharing with your fellow crafters!

Have a creative day,
Affordably Crafty


I like Furls Streamlines the best. Only ones I’ve found that don’t cause my hands to hurt. I picked up the Hobby Lobby ergonomic ones but haven’t worked with them yet.


Hi. Furls hooks are my favorite. I have been able to.purchase two so far. They are expensive so I purchase one at a time when I can. I have a set of standards in purchased from Amazon but are eager to replace them with time


I’m no longer in Facebook but they have a buy/sell group on there and sign up for their mailing list to watch for sales.


I have several different sets, most from Knit Picks. I like the metal ones, just do. I get all sweaty using plastics, must be a “me” thing. I do a Fox of Wolf Blanket with Bernat Blanket yarn double stranded (!) and that takes a size Q hook! That one has a wooden handle, bigger around than my thumb! Looking for a picture…Foxfinished_small2 This is about 3 feet long…big for a 5 year old. Have done 4 for grandchildren.


That’s really cute!


Hi! My favorite crochet hooks are definitely Boye for metal but Susan Bates would have to be a close second because I use them a lot as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really don’t like crocheting with plastic hooks, some people do but that’s just my picky preference :joy: As for other crochet hooks, if I ever picked up some wooden ones and started using them I would probably really like them because I got wooden knitting needles for a gift in a set and I really like using them whenever I find the time to knit. I mostly crochet but do know how to knit a bit. I got a 12-Pack set of Boye Ergonomic crochet hooks for my Mom for her Birthday last year and I tried them out a tiny bit. If you want to check them out here’s the link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Boye-Ergonomic-Aluminum-Crochet-Hook-Set-12-Count/688548374
I’ve seen Clover Amour hooks but I’ve never tried them out, hopefully will soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: