How are you guys?

How is everyone? I’ve been trying to get back into ribblr because I haven’t used it in awhile and haven’t talked to any of my friends I made on here. So how is everyone feeling? Any new hobbies or anything?


honestly? not great.
I’ve gotten better at drawing and crocheting, picked up some hobbies I didn’t have before, made some amazing friend and a amazing partner (@RingoSilly I miss you sm </3) but life’s kinda gone to shït recently


Aw I mean life isn’t the best but I hope you can get out of the life being bad time. I’m glad you’ve gotten better at hobbies and made more friends! Also congrats on having a partner!


I am getting back to sleeping less. My new king size blanket just needs to have the ends woven in. However, I started my third Christmas-Time Throw for my best friend.

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I sleep way too much lol. Good luck on the blankets/throws!

That used to be me but I look forward to getting back to work on the blankets so it gives me motivation to wake up.

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I don’t think I’ve met you but I’ve been great, just on vacation to the land of lakes in dimension 6634!

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Yeah lol. I’m glad you’re good. Have fun on your vacation!

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hiii I am Ana and I am good lol how are you??

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I’m good too!