How can I print the pattern I purchased

I do not have a computer at home. I need to print a copy. I do not see where you can print it.


Hi @Mimi1964 and welcome to Ribblr!

Patterns on Ribblr come in a modern, eco-friendly Ribblr ePattern format.
This interactive format allows you to to track your progress, select to view your size only, watch video tutorials, change the colors of your instructions and many more unique features!

Unfortunately traditional printed patterns are really limited and cannot include any of these exclusive features and accessibility tools, and are also subject to piracy.

You can access your patterns using any device - using or by downloading the free Ribblr app on a phone or tablet.

By the way, some designers choose to include a traditional non-interactive PDF within their patterns. You can check if there’s a download available within the pattern.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the designer to ask if they can provide a PDF copy.
There are two ways to quickly contact the designer. From your patterns library you can click the paper aeroplane icon on the top right corner of the pattern or you can contact the designer directly from within the pattern using the help menu (question mark icon).

Hope that helps! We’re here if you have any other questions.


How do I print the pattern I just purchased?

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Hi there @tmann please check out the response above.

If you need further help just let us know either here or via private message.

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