How do I attract good testers?

The first couple test I had done here I had a good amount of people that volunteered to test complete the test (at least 50%). But lately very few that volunteer complete a test,& even more disheartening is that some don’t give any feedback, don’t provide photos that show the project well (so can’t tell if the patter when followed creates the right product), and even more disheartening is that a good handful of people lately don’t even respond to messages!

I can understand things come up and that is fine, but really want to know how to get people to communicate, give feedback on the pattern (no matter how far into they get) and say hey I am just not into and not going to do this anymore if they
decide at any point they no longer want to test.


I try to pick people that either have tested for me before, or have a lot of makes posted.
I can usually afford to chance one or two new people because we all have to start somewhere. And I pay attention to if and how they respond to other calls in comparison to what they have displayed. I add something special in the post or the pattern to make sure they are paying attention and willing to cooperate…
And lastly, I keep a record of every test and tester and whether I’d pick them again.


A big thing is set a clear deadline if you need the pattern to be completed by a specific date! And make a group convo with your testers to keep track of them. Remind them every week/few days that the due date is coming close and tag those who don’t respond. Also remind them to let you know if their situation changes/need more time/cannot test anymore.

Try to choose people who have made journals so you can see their work. And like @anon5108995 said, picking testers who have already tested for you in the past is probably your safest bet!


I just wrote a whole paragraph and it disappeared.


I’m not sure how to attract good and trusted testers but I would check their makes and whether they have applied to pattern tests before and completed them.

I tend to pick people who have put up photos of their makes too.

if I’m desperate for testers and not many people apply I just trust them and most of them do test but still a small number don’t reply or even test the pattern in the end so I just blacklist them in my future tester calls.

It’s still really disappointing that there are these types of people who give you fake hope. So this is all my tips and solutions which I do so hope it helps :relaxed:


Ok, I’ll try writing it again.

These points are from my perspective as a tester.

Patterns that are poorly written so that I can’t even decipher what’s intended. And THEN the designer gaslights me!

Designers who expect me to rewrite the pattern for them.

Deadline too short. I don’t care if it’s a small item it’s still a learning curve. Learning curves take effort and time. I like my items to be as perfect as I can make them so it takes me longer. Plus I can’t sustain concentration for longer than 90 minutes.

What? You want me to follow you, tag friends, jump rope through all my social media, make the item with MY yarn, take professional photos, use my photos for free, and take up MY time, just for a FREE

So far, I’ve only tested because I wanted to help, not get a free pattern. Heck, I probably have close to a thousand patterns between what stored in electronic media, books, and Ribblr. I don’t need nor want another pattern.

I think designers need to utilize Ribblr’s function of blocking the pattern and releasing based on testers’ responses to stop the unethical use of designer’s patterns. For example, tester had not completed what’s been released so far, you can reassess if you want to drop them or give them more time to complete the first release. Lack of communication is criteria for dismissal.

I think designers need to reward testers in some other fashion in addition to the free pattern.
Also, I don’t see what’s wrong with a designer asking the tester for a reference from someone else they tested for.

Lastly, I don’t understand why people are fawning over the designer and jumping at any chance to test. I just don’t understand.
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Those drooling and begging replies to test a pattern there isn’t even a picture of by a designer that has no other work in their shop or makes just really irks me.


Yeah, professional photos are not necessary at all, and when they’re requested I tend to avoid testing :rofl: my autistic bum struggles with all that useless stuff some designers ask for loll

But as a designer, I do need to at least see the item clearly to make sure it looks right and the pattern works. I don’t care if it’s centered, well lit and photographed with 150 little stars and pinecones to make it look pretty. I just wanna SEE the thing :rofl:

And if it’s a wearable I do need to see photos of the item worn. I don’t care, I’m not even gonna post those if the tester isnt comfortable with me showing it off, but I need to make sure it looks right when worn loll

I do use photos from testers to promote cause it’s nice to see the make from a few different people when you wanna decide to purchase a pattern or not. That said tho, I believe in giving proper credit and I always tag them/mention their Ribblr username. I figure if a designer like what they see, they’re most likely to approve them as testers as well.


So far my tester call is going pretty good. I picked 10 testers and 9 of them got back to me pretty quickly. The one volunteer that didn’t respond did not get the pattern. So far I already have one tester that finished with a picture and some feed back. My suggestion is to go with a member level or higher just because they have been on ribblr longer. But definitely let some ribblr newbies get a chance to test :purple_heart:
*oops was reading replies and totally meant to reply to the original topic :woman_facepalming:
I would like to add that my tester call went downhill from here<3


Good idea on the member level Sierra. Good idea!!


It depends on what I’m needing.
Like the littles sized slippers… I don’t have any kids around, so I do need pictures…and I have some batch patterns being worked up for pictures because it’s just going to be wasteful for me to make these items that will not be used (local charities I give to can’t take knitted/crocheted baby items)
But I’m up front and it doesn’t have to be a spectacular photo.
Nobody has ever had to rewrite a pattern for me, but there was one that took me forever to get right. It’s usually just a word or two here or there.


Thank you! @anoswaldoddity


The idea isn’t 100% fool proof but the people you are choosing have been on the platform and earned that title


I’m going to go as far as saying that maybe people should not be so eager to test for anyone that that has not yet reached regular level either.


Still a dang good idea tho!


That’s true! I think that there are a lot less regulars that apply for testing calls that I’ve seen so members are just more likely to apply.
Also just lost the regular badge for not reading enough topics. That has happened to a few other regulars in the past few months such as Kenshae and Lakeviewknitter as well as a couple more. So even though a bunch of us have reached the regular community level we don’t have the badge to show it. (I’m working on getting my badge back :sweat_smile:)


That’s different, we can see your summary and know you are active.
There are people with a big shop and post tester calls and releases and sales all the time and then you look at the activity summary and see they have no badges at all and have never made a post or comment in the community that wasn’t a call/release /sale
I can understand not wanting to be part of another social media platform and just having a shop here, but it feels tacky to take that stance and also ask that community to help you build your other social media platform.


Yeah I agree too

I’d say, as long as you see someone participating, posting and replying to the community, that would be a better indicator than badges. Maybe looking at the time they’ve been here in addition to that!


How does the releasing a pattern a little at a time work? Is there instructions on how to do this?
I think this is a great idea, but am unsure on how to go about doing that.


Next to titles and subtitles there is a box that says “block view from here” and you click that so testers can’t see past that point.