How do i edit or add to my journal

I accidentally closed my browser while doing a journal on a tester project and now I can only open to see it at 20% complete but I can’t get in to continue working on it. Is it just because I am using my android phone app? Do I have to start over again? And can I delete an old/unfinished journal if I restart a new one to replace it?

Thanks for all your help. I am trying to do the online tutorials to learn how to do everything on ribblr but I get lost and cant find the sections I first found the topics on… I feel like I am in a cornfield maze at a fall fair!!! Is there a easier/faster way to learn this platform…lol. (fake it until I make it) :shushing_face:


try reloading the page- and as for deleting journal entries, you should be able to do that- there’s a little trash can icon on past journal entries.


you could delete the journal and start over or click the words and keep typing <3 you wont be able to change the picture tho


Thats what I did… so at the end, the original journal merged with the new one somehow and I just deleted the duplicated entries… dont understand what happened or how it worked but I completed the journal and saved it!!

In the end, I wouldn’t be able to duplicate it but I am just happy it worked! Thanks for all the help