How do I end this off?

(This was supposed to be a short (very short) story…. Shhhh )
I’m unsure on how to end this off, I had and idea where Mr linden comes back and she’s alive and in a dazed state, but I wanna continue the story for at least 7 more paragraphs an Im not sure how to! So yeah if it’s possible pls ideas (:

He had warned her about the book. Now it’s too late.

6/12/1831 —— 16:32

 Ding! Ding!  The library bell’s familiar ring fills Zeldee’s ears as she strolls through the door. “Greetings Mr. Linden! Pleasure to see ya. Hae ya been?” she exclaimed with her familiar daffy grin, briskly making her way over to the front desk. The man at the desk pops his head up. His mouth curving into a taut but soft smile. 

“Why, if it isn't Ms. Morningstar? It has been a rather admirable morning. Thank you for asking. How can I be of assistance today?” Mr. Linden beamed, removing his glasses and securing them in his shirt pocket. 

 “Please Alphaeus, call me Zeldee. Believe we’ve known each other for long ‘nough to be on a first name basis,” inhaling sharply as she heaves a rather large bag of books onto the return counter, careful not to knock over any of the carefully stacked papers or the beautifully made antique lamp. The lamp had an unnatural sheen to it; it was a matted white with a tint of Venetian undertones. Alphaeus noticed her inspecting the lamp

   “She’s a beauty ain’t she? Carved her myself! Took about three days and a lot of dihydrogen dioxide to scrub the spots off” he mumbled with a harrowing smile. Zeldee stared down at him with apprehension and interest. “Anyways” Snapping out of the dull state he picked up the bag and started carefully placing the books back in their ordered sections. 

 “Do ya have any new books? Been readin’ the same books for a bit now” Zeldee glances up at Alphaeus hopefully 

 ”I’m afraid we don’t have any new ones….” he trails off, seeing the disappointed look painting itself across Zeldee’s face. He continues, “but- we do have um.” He leans over the counter, clearing his throat and dropping his volume. “We do have a restricted or ‘banned books section’” Bingo. He thought to himself grinning as he watched Zeldee’s disappointment peak into interest. “If you were to accidentally find the key.. and mistake the door for the bathroom I wouldn’t tell no one” he winks at Zeldee. “But-“ he stops Zeldee before she can respond. “Those books are banned for a reason. Some make people go insane, other books in there..” he shivers “you don’t wanna know love”

 “Well that’d be a real shame if I did mistake the door — and I'm sure I can handle whatever a book throws at me” Zeldee comments softly, humming softly as Alphaeus hands her the key. The cold metal sends shivers down her body, smiling as she clasps her hand around the ridged key. She pushes herself off the front desk and takes her bag back from Mr. Linden, dropping the key inside and walking off towards the back of the shop. 

 “Zeldee!” He calls out and she turns around, shifting the murky white carpet beneath her feet, revealing a portion of the floor hidden beneath. “Door’s that way” he motions with her thumb towards a murphy door that's filled with worn down books, their covers flaking off. 

“Oh my- thank you” she chuckles and casually saunters over to the shelf, reaching into her bag and retrieving the key. She slides it into the keyhole and turns it slowly. She turns it until a soft *click* is heard and the door pops open slightly. She pulls the door open and is immediately met with a pungent smell of musty old leather tainted with an earthy aroma. She steps into the room and closes her eyes, taking in the pleasant smell of the old cellar. When she opens her eyes she’s surprised to find a lantern glowing softly. Hm, that's odd thinking to herself she shrugs it off and begins looking around. Sorting through many books and none nabbing her interest, she starts to feel a twinge of disappointment once again. “Thought there would be interesting books here, not books about motherhood! Pff, ridiculous” she grumbles and strains herself trying to get up without knocking over the piles and piles of books. She is about to leave the cellar when out of the corner of her eye a book catches her eye. It has a light gray cover, with a picture of a garden, vines climbing up an odd pillar with ‘The Real Witches Garden’ printed in big brown lettering.


 Alphaeus hears the Murphy door open as Zeldee exits, holding the small book in her grasp. “Find anything you like?” He tilts his head back and smiles

 ”Indeed! It’s a book about gardening. How could a book about gardening have gotten banned though?” She shakes her head “nonetheless it's the only thing in there that appeals to me.” she murmurs the last bit under her breath.

 ”I'm glad you found something you like.” he nods “May I see the book?” He reaches out for the book as Zeldee places it in his outstretched hands. He flips the book over, reading the back and running his fingers along the rough spine. He gives a small ‘hm’ and nods, handing the book back to her. 

“If ya would like, I can give ye’ some of the crops from my future garden” she turns her head to the side, glancing back at the murphy door while steadily tapping her fingers against the furnished wood with an uneasy feeling in her gut. She shakes the feeling off and smiles at Alphaeus, returning the book to her bag. He gives her a furtive smile, and nods dismissively. 

  “Off you go little lamb” he murmurs as he watches her move flightedly out of his bookshop. The walk back to Zeldee’s home was beautiful. The cobblestone roads with weeds seeping through the cracks, trees towering over her cast a shadow that meddles with the high houses of the rich. Farther in the distance she could see the blurry outline of her little village, along the outskirts was her cottage, a beautiful bargeboard siding with tar roofing. Ivy shooting up the sides and a mahogany door placed in between 2 bay windows, encasing the house with a soft homey feel. She approaches the house and opens the door. Zeldee entered her cozy cottage, the warmth of home enveloping her as she shut the door behind her. She placed her bag on the floor and made her way to the kitchen, humming a tune as she prepared herself a cup of tea. The events of the day at the library danced in her mind, particularly the mysterious book she had stumbled upon in the banned section. With her tea in hand, Zeldee made her way to her bedroom, eager to dive into the pages of "The Real Witches Garden." She set the book down on her bed and settled in, flipping through the pages with growing anticipation. The illustrations were enchanting, depicting lush gardens filled with exotic plants and intricate designs. Lost in the world of the book, Zeldee barely noticed the passage of time as she read on. Eventually, she decided to take a break and attend to her garden outside. Placing the book aside, she ventured into her backyard, enjoying the feel of the earth beneath her fingers as she tended to her plants. Hours passed as Zeldee worked tirelessly, the sun beginning its descent towards the horizon. With her gardening chores complete, she made her way back inside, her thoughts drifting back to the book waiting for her on her bed. 

As she renterd her cottage, the atmosphere felt off, there was something wrong in the air she could feel it. She tentatively made her way up the creaky stairs with shivers running down her back as she could feel a gaze burning into her. She stopped at the landing of the stairs and looked around. The house was eerily quiet, save the ambient sounds of nature fluttering about outside. She turned back around, turning the doorknob to her room slightly, before pushing it open. The door put up a struggle, something was in front of the door preventing it from opening. “Stupid door…” she muttered, pushing into the door with her shoulder. The door finally broke open and she stumbled into the room horrified at what she saw. Her whole room was entangled in vines, pressuring to break open the window, books being crushed in the vines’ grasp and in the middle of the room was the ‘witches gardens’ book. Vines were growing out of it, shooting up. The plants seemed to sense her presence and started wrapping around her feet. She yelled out, attempting to pull away. She broke a few vines and fell backward, trying to rip the rest of the vines off her feet. By this point the vines had sept out of her room and were now encasing the hallway, they wrapped around her torso as she twisted and sobbed, pulling at the vines in a futile attempt to be released. Refusing to give up she arches her back to give herself some leverage and starts pulling with all her strength when suddenly she hears footsteps approaching. She looks up in confusion, the vines wrapping around her neck like a python preparing to kill its food. Standing above her is Mr. Linden. She lets out a sigh of relief and tries to plead with him. “A-alpheus- help” she chokes out, struggling weakly against the vines.

 “Tsk tsk.. I warned you about the books, didn't I? Now look at you” he looks down at her with contempt, a creepy smile Zeldee had never seen cross his face. As she gazed up at him in horror the vines tightened around her neck and creeping their way up further onto her face. “Don’t worry Zeldee.. I’ll make you into something beautiful.. maybe that lamp you were so intrigued by.. such a nice lady she was” he leaned down over her and brushed a lock of hair away from Zledee’s face. A tear cut its way through the dust staining Zeldee’s face as she was unable to respond, the vines clamped over her mouth. Her eyes drooping shut as she lost consciousness. 
 With a heavy heart, Mr. Linden watches as Zeldee succumbs to the vines' grip, her struggles growing weaker by the moment. His facade of warmth and friendliness falls away completely, revealing the sinister nature hidden beneath.

As Zeldee’s consciousness fades, she feels a surge of regret for her reckless curiosity. She wishes she had listened to Mr. Linden’s warning, but it’s too late now. The vines tighten around her, constricting her breath and stealing away her last moments of consciousness.

6/20/1831 — 09:23

 As the bell above the door jingles cheerfully, Mr. Linden glances up from his desk, offering a warm smile to the newcomer. "Good afternoon! Welcome to our humble abode," he greets, his voice genial and inviting. The man approaching the counter bears a relaxed demeanor, his eyes scanning the shelves with mild interest.

“Hey there,” he replies with a casual nod, his gaze drifting over the array of books. “Just looking for something to pass the time, you know?” Mr. Linden chuckles softly, nodding in understanding
. “Of course! We’ve got plenty of options. Anything in particular catching your eye today?” he inquires, gesturing towards the neatly arranged stacks of novels and classics.
The man shrugs nonchalantly, a faint grin tugging at the corners of his lips. “Nothing specific, really. Just whatever strikes my fancy,” he replies with a shrug. Mr. Linden nods in agreement, his eyes twinkling with amusement.
“Well then, feel free to take your time. The right book has a way of finding you when you least expect it,” he remarks, returning to his work behind the desk. As the man begins to browse the shelves, the soothing hum of the bookstore envelops them both, promising a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
6/20/1831 — 23:43
Mr. Linden wanders deeper into the bookstore, his footsteps muffled by the worn carpet, he approaches the entrance to the back room. Pushing the door open tentatively, he’s met with a scene of horror. Zeldee’s lifeless body lies entangled in vines, a grim reminder of the pain he inflicted, and the dangers lurking within the forbidden books. His breath catches in his throat, a mix of regret and sorrow washing over him. Despite the unsettling sight before him, he steels himself and continues forward, driven by a sense of determination to fix his mistake. With trembling hands, the man sifts through the shelves, his fingers grazing the spines of precious books. The musty scent of old paper fills the air, mingling with the faint aroma of decay. Finally, his gaze falls upon a weathered book on witchcraft, its pages yellowed with age and adorned with cryptic symbols. Clutching it tightly, he returns to Zeldee’s side, his heart pounding with hope and desperation. For hours, he pours over the ancient text, chanting incantations and performing rituals in a desperate bid to bring her back to life. Shadows dance across the walls as candlelight flickers, casting eerie shapes upon the room’s cluttered surfaces. With each passing moment, the man’s frustration grows, mingling with a gnawing sense of dread. Sweat beads upon his brow as he struggles to decipher the arcane words before him, his hands trembling with fatigue and fear. But as the minutes stretch into hours and no sign of movement stirs Zeldee’s still form, frustration and anger begin to simmer beneath the surface. With a roar of frustration, the man hurls the book across the room, its pages fluttering in the air like wounded birds. His fists clench at his sides as he surveys the wreckage around him, the weight of failure pressing down upon him like a leaden shroud. In a fit of rage, he lashes out, smashing objects in his path before storming out of the room, his hopes shattered like glass upon the floor.


It’ll take me a minute to read this, good so far! I shall brainstorm endings and come back to tell you!


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h o l d up is this the Mr. Linden’s library thing from school where you gotta finish the story?? i did that in school lmao never finished tho


Yeah… I wish I could start it off how I want
I wanted to start it off similar, like “I warned you about the book… too late now”
And then during the climax have him repeat that line

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