How do you balance work and crochet time

So I work full time - at hobby lobby actually. I was head of the party department but for few different reasons I’m getting moved to needle art (:grin::grin::grin:). But anyway I find myself in the middle of so many projects and feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day to work on them as much as i need to. I even bring them for my break at work and such.
Im struggling lol
Just to name a few
I have my temperature blanket (which is individual big granny squares for each month and I’m working on April and still trying to finish March )- my very first blanket and it’s gonna be huge
I have a shawl a lady at my church requested (I’ve never made a shawl before )
I am testing Two different patterns atm
One has to be finished by the end of the month
The other I have two months
(I even paused some of these to do quicker plushie test projects and a personal one too)
And this is all my active projects I have some other ones that I had to put on hold for now until I have more time to get back to them.
So what should I do?


It’s amazing to me how much you’re doing already. :heart:


I would focus on your tests and in your other time alternate working on the shawl and temperature blanket :blush:
Wow you work at Hobby Lobby! :star_struck: That would be in my dream-job list :sweat_smile:


Lol it’s not as much of a dream as you might think but I hope with change of department it’ll be better