How do you create patterns?

Out of curiosity: when you create a new pattern, are you going with the flow and then write everything down you’ve done or are you calculating, writing everything down and then try if it works out as planned? Or maybe something completely different?


Depending on the pattern, I’ll usually write it up as I go. Sometimes I’m not sure if I want to write the pattern up, I’ll make one then write it up.
I make a lot of amigurumi and purses/household goods.


Try both and see what work flow work best for you.


I usually crochet, write what I did then continue, although I end up to in the flow and forget to write it lol only to forget what I did :laughing:


I usually have a concept, like the basic fit or shape, then I find just the right stitches and start doing math and swatches.


I usually make amigurumi so I draw what I wanna make, then try simplify the different shapes in it (sounds difficult but isn’t really, just checking like oohh that part would be a circle or an oval for example)

Then when I have my shapes I just try improvise making it, writing it down and frogging parts I’m not happy with

Some more difficult shapes I might try multiple versions to see which fit better


I agree with grannyroomcrafts, as a knitter I need to plan it out the pattern, figure out the stitch count and do a swatch to make sure the size is good with the needle size and stitch count. But mostly as a knitter I don’t knit toys, mostly shawls, hats, sweaters etc.


I’ve had a lot of fun making sister crochet versions of some of my knitting patterns since I don’t normally crochet much.
But yeah, it’s more like I see a sweater, figure out the construction, decide on a stitch, work that stitch in many gauges/yarns till it feels and looks right then starts the math.


I’ve done both, it just depends on the idea… My scarf that I recently released I basically started it in the white after I make method, then went back and graded it for other sizes, which then required tweaking…
A blanket that I designed was 100% written first, tested and tweaked before sending to testers…