How do you decide when a pattern is free or not?

I’m writing a pattern for a blanket, and I’ve never really gone the route of testers or anything like that- I’ve had the idea of this blanket in my head for months and it’s coming closer to being complete, just needing motifs and embroidery and a few granny squares done and then joined. So I guess closer to halfway done? Either way, the bulk of the work is halfway done, it’s been shown on my tiktok and someone wants a portion of the pattern, the tapestry part that is the logo of the Coraline movie. I’ve been fiddling with the idea of monetizing the blanket pattern, but also making it my first free blanket pattern because i feel it’s wonky and niche. How do you decide what’s free, how do you decide when you part out pieces of your pattern, and when are you most successful doing so?

Blanket in question : it’s a coraline themed blanket that I quit writing the pattern for out of fear of IP infringement, I’ve reached out to Laika to see if I can continue or what they’d like since I know they like small creators, haven’t heard back. It’s looking like it’ll be a full sized blanket, and each square has intention similar to their movie details.

It’ll still look good when it’s done for me even if Laika says I can’t sell the pattern, but it still raises the question on how I can help the person who inquired on the tapestry portion. Debated Discord, wasn’t sure if I could send PDFs through there or if I should watermark it or if that’s frowned upon to watermark something like a graph pattern (it’s in black and white so I could see better, so…I mean I could?)


The Coraline portion is under trademark and copyright protection. You would have to get the formal permission from the copyright holder to use that


Yeahhh, that’s pretty much what I figured. I’m thinking it’s best I let them know I get any form of permissions from Laika prior to distribution so I don’t get bonked with a lawsuit. The support was really cool to get-it’s one of my first big projects, so I was excited and wanted to get something out to someone, but if it’ll end in legality for me I’ll have to not. Thank you!


Based on this statement alone, I would say not to charge for the pattern. Using pieces of trademarked images is extremely risky and can leave you very vulnerable if they decide to pursue legal action for using their work without a license.

I don’t think you can get in trouble for referring the pattern for free since you’re not making a profit, but I’m not 100% sure of that!

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Doesn’t matter. Even if free, copyright still applies.


Thank you! Yeah. I just let the person know and I’ve placed an inquiry on Laikas website. I appreciate the help!

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Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

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