How does one go about making a pattern?

i’m just curious as how you get started and have the idea to know what to do to get to that point. i’m also aware on not to modify or create off someone else’s work.

  • i had made a ball from a video game that i have over 5,000 hours in and it made a big hit within that community. So i do have that experience. (added this & the picture)

what are some tips on to get start creating?

apologies, if this doesn’t make sense!


I’ve never made a pattern so I have no idea how relevant this will be to your own pattern making, but ComplicatedKnots has an in depth tutorial on how to create amigurumi patterns here

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Looks like the majority of it is layering pieces. I would start with making the ball. Then the triangle piece with the circle on top layering it and sewing the circle to the triangle. Then work the side pieces and sew to the triangle. Sew all that on to the ball


i think it gets easier as you learn new techniques and doing numerous different patterns. you will pick up a few things that stand out to you and think “oh that’s pretty cool, i’ve never done that before”.

of course, patterns will overlap, it’s inevitable. you can be aware of that or completely oblivious to it but they will always overlap. you might even take bits and pieces from one pattern and incorporate into your own, a lot of people do that.

i’ve been crocheting for a year but i’ve learnt so many techniques just by doing different complex patterns. i will buy a pattern and do it just to find out how they make it the way it is.

my advice would be to learn from what’s available to you((i know it’s dumb)) but if you are inspired by a picture you see and want to make it, just wing it :heart_hands:


this is the ball that i made myself! :slight_smile: just a example of something i’ve made by basics of building a ball, trianlge, & rectangular pieces!


appreciative for your* help with the link! i will watch and get an idea! thank you!!


Personally I learned by trying. I started learning how to make simple shapes and freehanding a lot of things.

Also, learning how to write a pattern with the right abbreviations and formulations help. People do it in lots of different ways but some things are constant. Ribblr provides a list of all the abbreviations used in the pattern but it’s helpful to learn and to look at a lot of patterns to see how people do it :slight_smile:


Sorry. Thought you were trying to figure out how to make something similar.

You can start writing by looking at what others have done as far as pattern writing. Look at how people have written patterns to get a basic outline. For me, I would start with the ball.

This is how my personal outline would go

MC 6.
Round 1: INC in each ST (12 STS)
Round 2: SC. INC Around (18 STS)


I think everyone’s process is different, and as you get used to making your own creations, you will find what works for you.
This is my process; I visualize what I want my creation to look like, then I use reference pictures, and figure out what parts would be required (for my Pear-Bear, my ref. pic was an actual pear :joy:)
Then it’s time for trial and error. I usually make my first versions with acrylic yarn since natural fibers tend to stick together, and I write down every row that I make. I frog and start over if I’m unhappy with the looks, but when I’m decently happy I continue. If I notice small things that could be better, I make a note to try changing them in the next iteration. Then I continue that process until I’m happy with the result.
It can be fun to play with where to place stitches, but a fair warning; if you make a rounded-shaped piece, it can’t usually hold details too well. I created a dragon head with brow ridges and such that looked great–but when I filled it, it just rounded out and the details disappeared. I think that’s why so many amigurumi designs have you sew on extra pieces rather than incorporating them :thinking:

I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:


Ooo! I use a sketchbook and sketch the idea I have for a pattern. I then break that sketch into shapes. For example lets say I’m making a pattern for a cat. I will draw what I want it to look like, and break it down into shapes. A circle for the head, triangles for the ears, a long oval like shape for the tail, an oval for the body, and ovalish shapes for legs and arms.


I dont have much experience with pattern making, but here are some tips i learned from others.

Since you’ve already made this ball before, you will have to make a second one.
While working, you have to write down everything you do. Even the hook size and yarn you use.

At the end of making a row write down what you did, at first it will just be messy notes. Make sure to take lots of pictures while you’re working. Especially after each section is made and during the sewing stage.

When you finish, you will take your notes and write them into a pattern. I recommend looking up what standard crochet terms are. So instead of writing single crochet, youd write sc.

When you finish, you’ll have to make your project 1 more time to make sure there are no errors. If your 2 balls dont look the same, you need to adjust the pattern.

When you think everything is perfect, you will take a bunch of nice pictures of the finished product and use it as the cover.

In your description you could write what game its from, and add somethings you think would grab people’s attention.

For the measurements, you can just take a ruler and see how big your ball came out, make sure to write what size yarn you used. This is so people can know if they want to make it bigger or smaller with different yarn types.

When typing the pattern into ribblr, you will see a tutorial section, it will explain how to add your pattern.
Make sure you put in the pictures that you took while making the ball

Since this looks like a bunch of pieces, you should do an assembly section for sewing. Explain where all the sections go. if the placement is important, you should also write what row and how many stitches apart each piece is, and provide photos.

Thats everything I could think of.


I do write patterns although I don’t post them and something I do is draw it out and write the step after I crochet, however as I got used to understanding patterns and what they create like shapes I also write out a few steps and follow it and if it doesn’t work like I want I frog it and erase that step and so forth. It doesn’t need to look perfect as I can always rewrite it on another page to make it more pleasing to the eye lol

It’s really just a trial and error if you have a basic understanding of shapes like the effect of a 6 sc in a magic circle compared to an 8 sc, etc it’s easier to figure out how you want it to look and how to get that look

If you’ll be posting on Ribblr/making it a PDF/anything else I highly recommend taking some pictures to attach to that section later while you’re crocheting it

I also learned how to write patterns and formating them based on patterns here and others that I’ve read using abbreviations or not is up to you I sometimes use both something else I do is make a list of important things like the yarn/yarn color/type how many skeins I used (depending on the project I sometimes write the whole label down in case I lose it) the hook(s) I used and anything else I used just so I know what I will need next time I decide to make it. I also always include the final stitch count at the end of each row as well

You could also write it digitally on a notepad as well it’s really as simple as doing

  1. 6 sc in mr (6)

  2. Inc x 6 (12)

  3. Etc…

If you will be posting it on Ribblr you can use the built-in Ribbuild here to create it, alternatively you don’t need to post it on Ribblr and have it as a draft and create a PDF of it as well . If you do plan on posting it on Ribblr I would also consider making a tester call as well to make sure there’s no mistakes and is understandable sometimes its hard to notice something until someone else mentions it

Good luck on your pattern creating and if something I wrote doesn’t make sense let me know and I can try to word it better! :smile:


thank you @ everyone who had commented here :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:

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