How my husband made me sad...

So we were driving and husband was making comments about weird things he saw along the side of the road… He commented on the name of a liquor store and it being “his kind of place”… I gave him the obligatory wife “really‽“ look… So he replied with “you know if we were to come across the Yarn Barn you would want to stop” I told him that if we were to actually find a Yarn Barn, we would have to stop just because he said that…” Then I realized that I’m sad because I doubt we’ll see a barn called Yarn Barn and that should 100% be a thing!
But now I’m happy again because there is a barn like structure in Virginia called The Yarn Barn :heart_eyes::laughing:
Even funnier, when I said that there needs to be a Yarn Barn, my brother said “I’d expect to see that in Ohio” and this Yarn Barn is independent, family owned and started in Ohio! :laughing:


Oh my gosh!! :laughing: I’m so glad you’re not sad there isn’t any place called the Yarn Barn :revolving_hearts:


That’s a cute conversation! Thanks for sharing. :upside_down_face: