how should i go abt making this pattern? “sleeve” or amigurumi style?

hey guys! i wanna start making more patterns since my femtanyl/token one is doing really well (thanks so much btw!!)

i figured i may start with a wwatt tapeworm pattern (a black and white snake thing with a strange head, not an actual tapeworm) because of the brainrot… anyways. it’s going to be pretty big, like at least 4 ft long, & i’m not really sure how i wanna approach it

  • A: typical plushie. stuffed, and kinda rigid? may still be a little flexible because of the sheer weight of the thing. might be more cuddly/huggable. probably hard to store though
  • B: somewhat flat, more like a scarf, where only the head is 3d. probably very floppy. better for posing or using it as a wearable, even?
  • C: jina. this is a terrible idea. why would you make a tapeworm pattern. do not do it
  • D: do both!!! !!! !!
  • E: other (tell me in replies)
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to elaborate:
for A, i’d use the typical continuous rounds method
for B, i’d crochet all of the body as a flat piece, fold it in half (on the wrong side), sew it down, and turn it right side out. kinda like when making a sleeve

orrrrrr, if you have any ideas as to how i could combine the two, i’d love to hear it. thanks!!!


also, i was a lil concerned about the legality so i asked abt it on reddit. here’s the link to that thread if anyone needs it
btw: the mods probably removed it because i linked my shop in the original post after some people asked me to :skull: idk i didn’t get a notif or anything. not totally sure what happened but the comments should still be there

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i think having it as a typical plushy would be cool, but if you wanna make it flat, it could be a scarf!

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Can u send a pic of ur idea/tapeworm thingy? I think i found a pic of it but i’m not sure. (is it that stripy worm with a mouth as its head??)
A plushie would be really cool tho, or you could do a graph and make it as a scarf or a big tapestry? (like those sausage dog scarves that are crocheted)


yeah, that’s it!! i looked up what you were talking about (the sausage dog tapestry scarf) and yeah that seems like it could be pretty cool, too! thank uuuuu


I could see my kids loving having something like this to play with! Maybe if you write it in continuous rounds, the option to stuff or not could give the pattern more versatility for the people who’d prefer a flat one perhaps?

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