How to create a pattern.

Hi everyone! I’m new to ribblr. I was hoping to get some advice on how to create a pattern. What I want to make is rather simple, It’s just it’s not been done yet, at least not that I could find… My aunt is a fan of the Los Angeles chargers so I was gonna make her a scarf with the lightning bolt at the end. Seems easy enough, but I’ve never done something without following a pattern and I just don’t know how to start. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!


my best advice is to find a pattern you think is close to what you want, then make that but make changes to make it more what you were thinking. Take lots and lots of notes at each step. Then take all your notes and write them back out in order neatly and try to follow them to recreate the item and see how it goes.
repeat as many times as it takes, then let someone else try it.


Try using a graphan

That would be the easiest way I think.


Hi and welcome to Ribblr!! You’ll love it here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Regarding your question, I highly recommend using Ribbuild, Ribblr’s pattern builder, to start designing. It has so many features and sections to help keep you organized while you design, and you can even take pictures for the pattern as you create it. You would need to have a designer account for this, please message the team @Ribblr if you’re interested and would like to convert your account!


Draw what you want on paper then determine what stitch and shapes you’d need to make it then how you’d put it together.