how to hide designers?

is there a way i can hide specific designers? like there are just some people that i know don’t have designs i want, and it would be great if i could hide them from my feed, ya know? it would make finding patterns i do want easier.
also obvs i dont need to like block them, they haven’t done anything wrong, they just aren’t my speed


I think the only option at the moment would be to block them. It would filter out any posts they make, but it might also hide all comments that they make as well. Perhaps you could try hiding what you don’t want to see based on a tag or space name (they have little bell icons that you can click on to mute them, and then they won’t appear in the feed anymore).

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We don’t have this option however you can use your for you page for more personalised recommendations or use the filters on the left hand side on our search page.