How to know if a pattern is good enough to sell for money?

Hey! I’m kind of new to Ribblr and am thinking selling patterns! There is a pattern that I’m working on that I think could be sold for money, but I’m not sure. How do you know when and how to price your patterns? Thank you!


I dont have a stripe account so i dont sell my patterns but if i did i would look for the following things

  1. Is there other patterns like this, would the pattern i made stand out
  2. Is there high quality photos. This is essential to people as they are putting there money in s product and generally good photos mesn good pattern
  3. Is this pattern error free! This is probably the most important as i always hear about people that have a bad experience with different designers and therefor i do not purchase any of their patterns. Just make sure your patterns are thoroughly tested.
  4. Is there lots of photos from different angles. This can ensure people know exactly what their finished plushie should look like.
  5. Finally, ask people you know if they think you should sell it. Also make sure the branding on your shop is nice.
    Hope this helps :))

I’m not experienced with pricing and selling patterns, but as far as putting the pattern out there, I’d give it a go! There’s no harm done in giving a pattern a price you think is fair, and then going back to change the price or make it free if you decide differently later.


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely keep these points in mind!!

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Thank you! This is really encouraging!!

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In my opinion it depends on how complicated a pattern is. Some patterns are really simple while others have a little more detail or pieces to it. I honestly don’t know anything about pricing tho. I think u could give it a try and if no one is buying your pattern and u feel it’d be better free then u can always change it! Just my opinion : )

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Thanks! That makes sense!