How to turn ❤ into 💲💰💸

So I’m struggling to get any pattern sales. I have my store set to 20% off and still nothing. I’ve posted on Instagram and nothing. I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to turn wishlist :heart: into actual sales.


Sales are always hit and miss, it depends on what individuals are looking for and the time of year. I’m a knitter so I don’t buy many crochet patterns. My best advice is don’t give up, hopefully the sale will draw attention to your shop. :slight_smile:


I love your prism pals! Seems like selling anything requires ongoing persistence and longevity.
But I’m no expert, I couldn’t sell anything to save my life.


It won’t immediately make you sales but your insta isn’t optimized to get you any sales.

Your insta links straight to Etsy where you have only 2 active patterns unlike here where you have many. You need a link tree or similar site. When doing so you might want to emphasize the one with the lowest fees and encourage them to help you by buying at that shop.

The hardest part is you have a general post with all your prism pals saying that you sell the patterns. But making sales means pushing, doing a “pattern release” type post for each separately is more beneficial. I hate doing it because I feel like a pest, but there are lots of studies run over the years showing it can take a person seeing something up to 20 times before they’ll buy. :slightly_frowning_face:


I second Dovetail, you need a linktree. Having your Ribblr is good, but a lot of people aren’t on Ribblr yet so I’d advise getting your patterns in Ravelry and Etsy as well. Of course, price them accordingly, so they’re gonna be more expensive on Etsy due to the platform fees and such.

And for Ig, you have to keep up with the algorithm :frowning: it’s annoying to do but sadly a lot of stuff goes unnoticed unless you’re very consistent with posting and reels.


i don’t really know, but good luck with it. maybe like advertise some and tell your friends and family about it?