how to

i know this is a bonkers idea, but i work in piercing studio, i wanted to do a simple crochet cushion cover for a chair in reception, but … wanted to do a horse shoe body jewellery design , if any one knows how to do this please let me know,
lol also im left handed so, find some patterns akward as it makes me feel very cackhanded :slight_smile:
thanks in advance


just to clarify
you would like to do a seat cover with the image of the piece of jewellery?
That would only require you to make a pixelated chart of that image and then do color changes in your work.
Not sure the crochet term, but in Knitting, it’s called intarsia


You could do a graphan and do tapestry crochet.


I realize that may not be the correct video
This is what I meant to send


No a cushion cover please


Mosaic crochet is how you will get the design you described
Measuring your cushion and crocheting an item the same size and shape is how you make a cover

Maybe we don’t understand your question?


So, you have a picture you want on the chair cover? If so, the picture can be made into a chart. You can make it with sc changing colors as needed.

Like this. It is about the size of a chair cushion.

Also, do you have a designer account here? If not, you can request one and make this yourself. There is an interactive chart feature here. With it, left handed or right handed wouldn’t apply. It would just be a chart. Or, If you message me the picture, I could make it for you.

Or all of this comment could be not what you meant. :grin: Let us know.

Edited to say I feel like I just saw a “squirrel” …
I started this