How Would You Price?

At this time, this is the only photo I have but I plan to release a pattern soon (2wks-ish) with more photos. I made this blanket so I won’t be cold in the office and catch anymore colds.

They keep it 50 degrees in there even when it rains. We’re Californians, we’re not used to it being below 65 degrees for more than 3 days at a time. In the past couple weeks, it has been highs in mid-50s and lows in low-30s, a legit refrigerator WITH WIND.

If I were to sell this blanket at an artisan market or online platform, it would be $260. If I charge her just for materials, it would be $85. See my pricing model below:

Blanket is 30 X 32 sts (SC, BLO) = 960sts.
Yarn is $18.99/skein, 4 skeins total = $75.96 - rounded to $85 for tax.
960 x .01 = 9.6 (number of stitches at 1 cent each).
9.6 + 85 = 94.6 (labor plus materials).
94.6 × 2.5 = 236.5 (cost times 40%).
The final 236.5 I rounded up to 260 for anything I might have missed to account for.

As a one-time, for you only because we’re cool at work price, $85 for materials only is decent right?
What do you think? Is this a fair price ($260) for markets? Would you offer the $85 dollars for a family member, friend, or coworker?


I think that’s definitely a fair price.
For family members/friends I would personally probably do $100 because i would feel bad charging more haha​:sob: