Hurt feelings

This is something that bothered me very badly. My stepdad and my sister are being mean because my sister says that what i mafe her was a mouse, but i said it was a bee. Because it is! The plush in question i made for her a while ago, but i know what i made! Sorry to rant but it really hurt my feelings from that


Aww I’m sorry the same thing happened to me a while back I gave my sister a bee and she said that it looked like a rat​:sob: i’m sorry that you feel that way. Some people are just like that if it makes you feel any better, she couldn’t crochet any better than you.


bummer. some ppl are just mean like that. I have little sisters, and one time I made a ballerina doll, and she looked at it with a discussed face. It was a half joke but she still didn’t like it. I was really hurt, but at least she’s little. maybe she was just having a bad day. I’m sorry that happened.


I’m so sorry :pensive: sometimes people are really rude and they don’t know how hurtful it actually is. I have to deal with that almost every time I make something from at least one member of my family, or even a friend. Sometimes it helps me to show it to more supportive and uplifting people, like posting your makes on ribblr gets tons of positive feedback and love!


I’m so sorry that happened! I haven’t seen it, but I don’t think it actually looked bad from what I hear. Most bee patterns do have wings shaped similarly to mouse ears, so your sister was probably mistaking the wings for the ears. Either that, or they were just saying it looked like a mouse to get to you. Sibling teasing and rudeness is sometimes good natured, but other times it’s hurtful :cry:


It is what it is! You may know what it REALLY is but cant really change what other people see it as and you have to accept that. I know it sucks but thats how a lot of things are.


im sorry! i know how you feel, people kept saying that my cat was a mouse :sob:


I truly understand how you feel. I made a giraffe squishmallow and I gave it to my Godson and his mom called it a cow. And while I was making it I told her what it was.


I know how you feel :sob:


im sorry that happend, my grandpa does the same thing all the time