I am screwed

So as of like 4 minutes ago I decided I am going to make all my siblings a christmas present. I am almost done with my little sisters. I have two sisters and one older brother. I want to make them amigurumi and would like patterns please! They need to be free and easy. Thank you!


Leggy froggies are super quick and easy to make! I don’t have a specific pattern, but they are easy to find if you just search it up.


I think going through the pattern shop on Ribblr will help, Filter by Toys and sort by Low to High, I think it’s better to choose the patterns since you probably have a better idea what your siblings will like more :smile: good luck it’s last minute but I hope you can pull through! Of course it’s also okay if it’s after Christmas so don’t stress too much :smile:


Crochet with Llama vee on youTube has a version of those chickens everyone loves. They wip up fast.

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If you’re still needing patterns, you can make small plushies quickly there are free patterns by Cheebis Cuties on Ribblr and theres a channel on youtube i like and would really recomend that has cute and easy plushies, called Crafter Frog.

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