I did a thing

Guys, I’m so excited to say that I’m making a cane to use on days where my mobility is bad!! I’ve need this for a long time, and I can use it around the house, I’m excited that I can finally use a mobility aid!!


Celebrating with you!!
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What do you mean you are “making a cane”? I was gifted a stick that I use for a walking stick. :wink: It’s a diamond willow and I have started carving on it. Gonna be even more amazing when I am done. I love it already though.


im cureently carving a cane for my halloween costume, but i use it as a mobility aid to walk so i can stay stable


Nice. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.

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thank you!!


May I ask what’s making you unstable? If you don’t wanna answer that’s fine!<3

my ankles rool a lot and my kneese hyperextend, qand i want to help prevent as much pain as i can for after trick or treating

Do you have EDS?

i dont know, but possabily

I only ask because it runs in our family - my brother and both daughters have it. Congrats on the mobility aid! I know getting my forearm crutches (I have fibromyalgia) absolutely changed my life.

for me when i got forearm crutches my parents screamed at me and took them away, so im excited to have the cane!!

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WTF??? I’m sorry they did that. :heart:

yeah, it sucked

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I’m so excited to hear you have got something to aid you. If your ankles buckle to the side have you tried boots that works for me as they add more stability to my ankle. <3

I ware boots and high tops all the time and they help a lot

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Oh im glad. I love hearing about what new things you are doing and how you are managing
. Always here to support you in your journey <3

Thank you!!

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No problem. Always here to be a listening ear <3