I have a question about a hat

Ok so. I’m making a beret… I’m working on the rubbing but I’m not sure wether to do blo only around or fp, bp (front post, back post) here is the hat and the two options that I’m thinking about ( 1st photo: blo option, 2nd photo: fp and bp option, 3rd photo: the beret

And finally the hat itself


OOh i love the pink one at the end. It’s giving beret from a fashion store


Thank you, that’s the hat I’m working on. I’m not sure if I should just to blo for the ribbing or do fp and bp


I like the one you used for the orange ribbing. It looks like it’ll fit in really nice!

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I think you should do blo (The first one) I like that one the most

I’ll try both and see what looks better