I have no ideas for patterns

Hello! I just finished writing my new pattern and was thinking about writing a new one, I just have no idea what to make :frowning: if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear it :slight_smile:

(I would like to make a amigurumi pattern)

Thank you!


Maybe you could make a cute dolphin? I think that might be cool as there aren’t many dolphin patterns. Also you could make a beekeeper cow? Random, but would be cute.


I use word generators or pull papers from a jar for my art but I think it would work for crocheting too!! What you do for the jars is you grab two jars and a piece of paper your write down 20 adjectives and 20 animals/in adamant objects and pull both out randomly (one animal and one to two adjectives) hope this is helpful!! :smiling_face:


That’s so creative!!! I will try :slight_smile:


It’s also really fun! If you can’t think of animals or adjectives just look some up I try to do exotic animals to make it funny and even more random :laughing:


Hmm, I would use a random ? Generator online so if you want an animal I would search random animal general and spin and either make the animal you got or keep spinning until you get something you want or inspiration to make something else :smile: I also added the tag need-ideas


Im excited for fall. Because this heat is to much :rofl:

So maybe you could make a pug doggy popping out of a pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: Or any cute little animal popping out of there!

That’s so cute but complicated hahaha I will think of something similar:)