I just realised I was doing dec wrong the entire time 😭😭😭

I have only been doing amigurumi for half a year and I started learning from a rly crappie YouTube tutorial. The YouTube tutorial told me to do a dec by going through the 2 back loops only :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:. All this time I thought that was how you do it. I finally watched a proper video​:smile: and I found out that you go through the sc yarn over, go out, then go through the second sc, yarn over, go out, yarn over and pull through! Can’t believe this happened!!! Has this happened to anyone else or was it just me???

Stay safe​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I think there are multiple ways that are acceptable. I am a newer crocheter too tho. I go thru the front loops only and dont yarn over in-between the stitches. Its whatever your personal preference is. Like the yarn under yarn over is complimentary to amigurumi, but not the only way to do it. I learned from several vidoes and everyone thinks they do it best :blush:


This is super helpful thx​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


As far as I know, going through the BLO or FLO is an “invisible decrease” versus going through the V stitch of two stitches is a 2tog. They serve different purposes and have different looks.


The way you’ve been doing it is not a wrong way so no worries :smile: that’s just a normal decrease or sc2tog. The only other decrease I know is the invisible decrease that goes through the FLO only, I’m curious to see how the BLO would look, what’s the name of the video? :smile:

Edit: just realized I read wrong lol still curious to see what video you watched for the BLO Dec, there’s different ways so it probably wasn’t a wrong way, just like yo, yu it’s not wrong or right just a different effect :smile:


No, Go through yarn over, go through next sitich, yarn over, then pull through all 3 loops is a regular decrease, but going through the front loops is a invisible decrease

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Adding on to this- I use sc2tog for crochet in rows since it leaves no back/front loops to see, but with amigurumi it’s best to use the invisible decrease since it doesn’t matter if there’s back loops left over on the inside, and it’s tighter and doesn’t leaves holes on my work.


Ohhhhhhh! That makes total sense!

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