i’m bored and can’t play acnh so… Pt.1

(Jade’s Pov)
She ran through the fields, the branches pulling at her clothes, ruining what she bought to be one of the “cool girls”, but she didn’t expect that because of it, she would become their leader!. This wasn’t the life she wanted. No, actually, she didn’t know if she was a “she”, but, since they had no knowledge of the outer world of which doesn’t include makeup and dresses, they didn’t know being non-binary was a thing. Being lost in thought, they tripped over their own feet, and fell down the hill. At the bottom, a girl was flicking grass into the pond (heavy the school of good and evil reference). She was startled by the “Oof!” that came behind her, and she thought perhaps she would never be alone.
(Amber’s Pov)
To her surprise, this girl was one of “mean girls” from school, of which always bullied her for her clothes, hair, and personality. “What do you want from me, Jade?” she scowled, and at that, Jade began to sob. “I’m sorry, i never meant that— i just wanted to fit in! i swear i’ve changed!” Jade said in between big, long sobs. Looking at her state, Amber felt some pity for her. “Sit down. Only the pond may tell if you are telling the truth”. Warily, Jade sat beside Amber (yes they r both named after rocks). “Stick your finger in”. Jade put her finger in the water, and Amber’s eyes in the reflection got weirdly misty.
Part 2?


honestly the title is so relatable :sob:
(the story is great btw!)

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