I’m lucky (poem)

I’m lucky

To have you

For you to stay

Your blonde hair shiny and silky in the sun

Your blue eyes same shade as the ocean

When I make eye contact with you,

I feel like drowning

I’m lucky

The stars aligned for us to meet

We are meant to be together

I’m lucky

Your kind, beautiful

Everything about you

Your actions


Looks are mundane

I’m lucky

You came along and stayed

But will it last?

Will we be together in the after life?

Will your actions be as mundane in heaven?

I’m lucky

You’re like an angel

Everything about you is mundane


I’m lucky

I have you

Will you stay?

Spend the rest of our lives together

I’m lucky

You’re colorful outfits,

and my dark outfits,

We are opposites

But yet we still make it work

I’m lucky

For you to stay, with me


aww this was so good :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:


this was so good but IM STILL OUT OF LIKES FOR THE NEXT NINE MINUTES!!! ribblr’s been telling me since like midnight to “slow down there hoss (or however you spell it :sob:)”


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