I need a little bit of help

I don’t even know how to word my question :interrobang:
Sorry if this does not make sense.
Here goes:
A mom and a nan from nursery gave my daughter some amazing toys for her boys.
They have point blank refused money.
They don’t want new toys
My daughter is a single mom, she works part time but hates to think people feel sorry for her.

So my dilemma I want to make them a little something each for my grandson to give them to say thank you.
I don’t know either of them.
No idea if there into crafts or what they like.

Any suggestions?


A pretty washcloth with a small bar of goat milk soap wrapped with ribbon. That’s my go-to gift for those I don’t know well.


Maybe a crochet flower in a pot?


Cotton coasters are my goto for people I don’t know well. They can use them as coasters, or washcloths, or face cloths, or mug rugs,or small pot holders (for the microwave). Wrap them with a note explaining that they are not just decorative and will hold up to many different types of use.