I need help 😭

So, I unfortunately lost my about 50 business cards and I kind of made a mess of my room because of it. I need some help figuring out how to go around doing it bc I get so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things. So Beans of Ribblr who have also struggled with cleaning your office space, how do I go about doing this? I also just think because of the way my brain is, I need like, a checklist, or a To Clean list but that is Crochet Themed.


start by putting all your clothes away
then yarn
then small random objects
then anything else
baskets and stuff that contion things go to the wall


i normally put some music on, no headphones, just leave your phone somewhere playing music. then you can just clean and dance


Try this out


Make a list of all the things you need to get done (little things). Like, clean the corner by your bed. Dust, foot of your bed, etc.

Then i use a random wheel randomizer to pick what to start with, finish it, and roll again. After i reach certain milestones i get myself a lil treat xD


I’m gonna save this to try and get my room all clean tomorrow! I’ll probably do what @Alyphira said as well!:yellow_heart:


I’m the queen of lists lol!
I start with the easier stuff like picking up trash then move on to the more time consuming tasks.
While your cleaning though do you have a organizing plan? An idea so you don’t loose your cards next time?
Maybe even create a list of where things are to help remind you of where you put it plus it helps you get creative at the same time.
My craft area is a mess right now but I’ll eventually get to it.
Just remember even charts or lists can alleviate anxiety cause when it’s chaos it does get overwhelming easily.


I have adhd, I can easily get overwhelmed by my own messes I’ve made while hyperfixating or searching for something I misplaced.
My mom cleans houses for a living, her ability to just start a task and go amazes me :joy:
But what I have picked up on that helps me, is to start by collecting any trash in the room, throw away everything that may have collected
Then I look for any plates or cups sitting out and take those to the kitchen (but do NOT let myself get starting dishes yet lol)
Then I collect any dirty laundry and put them in a laundry basket, if the basket gets full, I set it next to the washer to be done later.
Then I look for anything that doesn’t belong in the space/ room and take them to the room they belong to
(I know people say this a lot, but it really is helpful to give everything a home. It makes cleaning so much easier when you can put things back where they go instead of constantly just shifting around things with no actual home. I’m still working on it. But it does help so much. )
I then pick something to focus on depending on what’s messiest, such as if my yarn has gotten everywhere, I go and collect all my yarn, hooks, stitch markers, etc, and put them away.
Put make up back in its home
Put shoes and clean clothes away
Then tackle the small objects that build up on tables and stuff and find homes for them, as well.
When you get all those major things done and then the little things put away you should be just about done.
Making your bed and vacuuming the floor can be the final touches. Then you can just relax in a clean space.

And if you’re like me, a clean organized space just makes me excited to create again :joy:
(Thus the cycle continues)

Edit to add, that it looks like you may not have a good home for your yarn
I would maybe measure the space under your table and see if you have room to place a shelf under it. Ask your family for a small bookshelf or one of the square cubbies one and some bins (maybe for a birthday or Christmas, or if you can convince them that it will really help keep things clean)
I purchased this one and put it sideways under my desk for extra storage when I was at my parents house


Thanlyou sooo much!