I need motivation or something🤦‍♀️

I think I need some motivation. I love to design & test patterns! But, I feel stuck. I dont know if im creating good patterns as a designer or not? I say this because no one really participates in my tester calls. I get really excited to hit that post button to the testing zone. Just to get 3 or 4 testers who appy or none at all.

I love what I design & I know it doesnt matter what others think as long you love what you do. I always stick to that mindset but it is a little down grating sometimes when this happens.

What patterns are you interested in? I want to design my own things but also things that will get yalls interest. Because right now I dont even know :woman_shrugging:


Hi! :white_heart:

As a designer I can tell you from my experience, that everything takes time and that the most important thing is not to get discouraged and gradually improve :white_heart:

For taste colors, and many times there are designs that personally you like a lot and the public not so much, and others that are the other way around :melting_face:

But don’t be discouraged, keep practicing, keep designing, promote your patterns, those 4 or 5 people who apply show you that are people who like what you do :white_heart:


Awh thank you so much! I will keep going!! Youre right!

You keep going too! I love your patterns so much :heartbeat:


hey! 🩷 my names claire. i design patterns too, and sometimes theres just those times when no ones really loving our patterns and its okay! I personally havent seen your tester calls, but i just looked at your shop and I love your patterns!! :sparkling_heart: my favorites are the witch graph (i had it in my wishlist but forgot about it! I think im gonna try and make it soon :blush:) and the ice cream sandwich. so cute!

From what i’ve seen, people really like to crochet animal amigurumi. its probably the most popular thing to make! Thats what I design. Anyways, I think ive actually talked to you before. I dont remember when, but youre so sweet and i know if you just keep trying people will definitely appreciate everything you do! :tulip: never give up and remember, you are so loved!! :cherry_blossom:


I actually love all your patterns so much! :heart: Recently I’ve just been really busy with tests or i just miss the tester call so im not able to apply to your tests :sob: But once i get all these tests sorted out, I’d absolutely love to test out your patterns! :blush:


Awwh thanks so much :sob::heartbeat::heartbeat: Youre so loved too. I added you & your shop. Thank you for your kind words sweet friend!




Thank you sm​:pray: and I understand! Ill be posting new calls eventually!


Hmmm, as a designer it really does take time. Like with what @wooliamigurumis said, “everything takes time and that the most important thing is not to get discouraged and gradually improve”. Keep posting tester calls, make sure you have the right tags :wink: I have had times when people haven’t applied to my tester calls, like with my plants. I thought people would be more excited as when I posted that topic asking what plants I should make. For my bunny ear cactus, I only had 3 people apply and 2 were non responsive while the 3rd was amazing and finished in a day. (shout out to @binka for being that amazing tester :blush:).

I also like what @ClaireCrochets247 had said, “From what I’ve seen, people really like to crochet animal amigurumi. its probably the most popular thing to make!”. Amigurumi is really popular now, my cat pattern had so many people apply for it compared to my plants.

If you want your shop to grow and be successful keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop or be discouraged. I have been so upset and discouraged when making patterns, just because people aren’t ‘interested’ right now, doesn’t mean no one will be. I have seen people posting multiple tester calls because they didn’t get as many as needed. If you need to do that I’d say go for it.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let this discourage you. Your patterns are amazing and I love them. Have a nice rest of your day, and thanks for reading. :smile:


adding to what everyone has said, don’t be discouraged. learn from it and grow. the hardest part can be getting your foot in the door. i know it can be really disheartening not to get the result you wanted.

my advice for what to make is look at trends, pinterest, whatever you like. you should release a pattern because you like it. me personally, i try to make patterns that suit me. i like the no sew patterns and i’m trying to make that a trait people will know me for.

i’m seeing a lot of the same patterns being released on ribblr. setting yourself apart from others is one way to go. i’m sorry i’m not much of a motivational speaker​:sweat_smile:


Thank you for responding! I agree its good to be different :heartbeat::pray:


So as a fellow designer it’s something to lean into and learn from. Developing your skills because it can be super intimidating.

What I’ve learned being a designer since last year myself that there’s always room for improvement. From shapes to how you formulate your designs. My first pattern sucked lol I thought it was so cute but I’m revamping it now because I’ve grown as a designer and it’s tons better. I believe I’ve tested for you and I didn’t feel you anything negative I would test for you again.
I would suggest finding your niche.

Find new ways to challenge yourself it keeps it interesting and this is where growth can come.
Hope this helps chin up


Maybe you did test for me or we were both in a tester group chat together! Either way i really appreciate your words of encouragement and i will continue to be my best self!

Thank you,


Definitely don’t feel discouraged! I’m interested in patterns that I like and will have time to complete. I think it’s important to take into account other tests and their due dates especially if they came out before your own tester call as chances are people apply to those and won’t have time if the due date is the same as their others tests

I also look into if I’m able to use any type of yarn and the requirements for the test as well since some require you to do certain things with social media for example which I don’t have so I don’t apply and could be the same for others if certain requirements others won’t do. I never actually look to see who posted the tester call just what it is and the requirements and if the due date is reasonable for me and I’m fine with requirements I usually apply if I have the time lol

It’ll take some time but eventually you’ll get a good rhythm going, although it’ll take time and activity, but don’t give up! I think the most important part would be the due dates I see so many tester calls with the due dates so close together that even if I wanted to apply I don’t think I’d have the time since I already applied to others lol


Yes I understand! I never thought about the due date being so close to others! Makes sense and i won’t give up! Thank you for your kindness :pray:


Your welcome! I’d like to be there for others I kinda went through my upset alone. My choice to be fair here. However I’m so glad your asking this alone helps motivate and assist. It truly is important to have that stable friend base so I’m glad for this platform even though I am older I feel encouraged too.
I appreciate you listening :two_hearts:


Personally I think you should design for you. If you enjoy designing, then design what you enjoy. If you are just doing it to “go viral” or only designing what you think others will like, you will lose the joy and after a while it’ll show on your designs.
I’ve designed several patterns over the years, had up to 8 available at one time, and have never gone viral, but I enjoy what I design and hope to have more time to design more of what I want, even if I don’t make a lot of sales :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yeah I am designing for me. Im not selling any of my patterns theyre all free. So im not looking to go viral or anything. I just didnt want my patterns just to sit there after I put the work in. But I see what youre saying. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: