I Need This Feature

Sorry. I didn’t know what to make the title.

I think Ribblr should add a feature that allows others to like a pattern rather than adding it to our wishlist to show we like/ want the pattern. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a wishlist; we should still have the wishlist for patterns we want to have (which is normally paid patterns).

I wish Ribblr would let us support shop patterns that are cute but don’t want to make. That sounds rude but here is an example:
I don’t make clothing but find some really cute patterns. I also see cute Cimmamoroll (I think is the name) and see how cute it is but have no reason/purpose to make. I hope this makes sense, lol.

Does anyone else agree or does this even make sense?

Thank you for reading (if you did)!! :two_hearts:


Oo yess this is a great idea ive never thought of it before lol


I totally agree with this. The wishlist has a purpose, and what you are describing is what I do on etsy most days lol

I like to find patterns, and even if I might not make them, I like to look at them for inspiration for my own patterns. Sometimes it can be hard for me to sort out what I had in mind to make vs what I just think is cute.

I definitely feel like this needs to be added. We should have a favorites section, but also a wishlist. The wishlist can be for patterns that we actually want to make, and the favorites can be for patterns we find cute, and may have a use for someday, but also just for patterns that we think are cute in general and to further support your favorite shop owners.

I think it’s a great idea!

an idea of my own!:

I think ribblr should totally add a section where we can sort out our patterns. Sort of like the favorites section, but think about it with folders. Being able to have an amigurumi folder for animals, foods, desserts, etc. would be amazing. I think that it would be a great idea to be able to sort them out with our own names on the folders, because it would be super beneficial when I am searching for a pattern, but I have a huge favorites section or a huge wishlist in order to find what I am looking for. Being able to have sections for the folders would be a nice idea, hence the fact that it would shorten time being spent looking through hundreds of listings within my wishlist.

@ribblr, I think these are some great ideas, what do you think?


Oh yesss!
This is such a good idea!
This way we could support shops withough putting it in our wishlist!


When I first started on Ribblr, I put a lot of patterns on my wishlist, not realizing that it wasn’t a “like” icon LOL. I have no need for a wishlist as most of the time if I really like it I just buy it as I don’t know if I will be able to find it again if I don’t buy it


The idea of having folders have been suggested many times

Hopefully @Ribblr will implement it in a feature drop soon


This is a good idea. If people gift off your wishlist, it shouldn’t be both “want” and “like”.


totally agree with this, im never gonna make a giant octopus, but its pretty cute​:joy:


I’m here for this! I have had to take patterns out of my wishlist when I realized that others might buy it for me or it could be won through the Lucky Sunday. I don’t make amigurumi, but would love to support some of the designers


This is pretty interesting! Sort of like how we can like journals, it’ll be a pretty cool way to show that you like the pattern and they did a great job making it but isn’t something you want to buy/make

Definitely understand there’s patterns I love how they look but either because of the size or complexity I don’t plan on making them anytime soon but still would like to show support

@RingoSilly absolutely also agree since it’s been mentioned it’s been noted by Ribblr and could take time to implement so here’s hoping they decide to add it one day! :smile:


Thats awesome to know <3

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OH YES I have SO many free patterns I think are super cute, but are too hard or I don’t have any motivation to make them. @ribblr please this would be so useful. :slight_smile:


Big brain moment


I know exactly which one you’re referencing :octopus:


Thanks for sharing! We logged your suggestion.