i think i may have made a mistake. show me your long projects please

i started working on another album cover tapestry a couple of days ago (brainrot), but i think i chose one that was a little too detailed

250 stitches with weight 1 yarn and a 1.5mm hook… compared with the other one i made (and haven’t finished) w/ 70 stitches, weight 4 yarn, and a 5mm hook. it’s still huge. help

6 rows done. only 244 to go :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: see u guys in 20 years

in the meantime… show me ur ambitious projects!! i need motivation aaaaaa


Well if you want motivation, just remember my sister wants me to make this c2c blanket.

Its only a picture of her most prized possession ever. I picked it out when she was born, and ever since she found out I could crochet a blanket version she keeps pestering me for one. So you probably won’t see me for 1 million years cause this is going to take forever (I once did a normal queen sized blanket, it was pink and purple striped, it took me 3 YEARS to crochet).


Wow the tapestry looks awesome!!
my most ambitious project is probably the cow i’m making right now. Its an easy pattern but SO MUCH SEWING. I have never sewed so much before!!


i love the tapestry!!
Also im the same​:sob:
i have a granny square blanket and im only on row… something in 7 months​:cry::sob::skull:

but gl!!!
you got this!!


My most ambitious projects are the ones I make for my sister as gifts.

About 2 years ago, she saw a cardigan on pinterest and it was a free pattern so obviously I had to make it! It was supposed yo be a christmas present but it took me too long so I just gave it to her when I finished.

Then, last year, I surprised her with a puff flower pillow (like the ones on etsy) for her birthday and I’m not even kidding when I say I was still sewing on flowers on her birthday.

Last year for christmas I made her another cardigan (also green) but it was a hexagon one and there was absolutely no way that I was making that in secret.

And finally…for her birthday this year, I did 16 things for her sweet 16 and I crocheted about 3 or 4 amigurumi items. That project was completely planned ahead of time so I was able to comfortably do that project in secret.

That’s everything!:yellow_heart:


my most ambitious was probably my very first project lol. with no experience, i was trying to make a patchwork cardigan. all 51 of my squares are different sizes, so i gave up lol. turns out amigurumi is way more my speed


This is mine.

It is a corner to corner Crochet stitch blanket. I only have about one corner of it done.


oh wait I also tried to make this once, i had to stop though cause i kept getting extra stitches per row