I wanna spread kindness

I am going to start making small things to leave around my town for people to find. I will make lil items and put them in baggies with the creation and a little note for person to read for whoever finds it! I see people doing this and wanna join in!


That sounds like a great idea! Good luck with it


I saw something like that! The note said something like, “im not lost im just alone. If i made you smile please bring me home” it was so cool


This is such a thoughtful and lovely thing to do :white_heart:


The hubby and I go on cruises often, and they have a game where folks will hide little novelty ducks (like the rubber tub ducks) and in recent years, there have been knitted and crocheted ones as well. They will each come with a little tag that has the name/town’state and a way to contact the person that hid it first. You are encouraged to make a note of it and tell them your name/town/state and where you found it then take the duck and hide it someplace new, with the understanding that children are expected to keep what they find. It’s another way to play Flat Freddy or the balloons we did when I was kid (before we knew they were bad)
My point was that your note could add a way for people to share where they find it and think about hiding it someplace new for another person to find.


I worked with an artist who did something like that in my city. She lives in Montreal, in Mile End and regularly does love spreading events, and she was visiting the city I used to live in. We put together messages of kindness and then they got delivered to random houses by a team. It was so cool!

Good luck with this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Loving this idea!

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There’s a group on facebook called random acts of crochet kindness that focus on this and have little sample letters and poems and stuff and often people join to show what they found. I love all the stories of how its made someones day to find an item that seemed purpose for them on that day.
You can get biodegradable clear pockets to put them in too :blush:


I saw someone do this with a taco…I think its soo cool! I def wanna try this eventually!