i want to make a sweater for my dad, but i need size 3 yarn that is okay for people with sensitive skin.

hello, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a size 3 yarn that’s good for sensitive skin. i want to crochet a sweater for my dad but he’s very particular about this type of stuff so i need a good type of yarn to use. if it’s anti-pilling, even better.


My daughter has very sensitive skin. I made her a sweater with Lion Brand Feels like Butta. It is so soft. She has had the sweater for a while now and has still had no issues.


thank you! i’ll look that up


Oh feels like butta is a great recommendation! If thats not available, you can check the list of approved yarns for people who donate for cancer patients & babies at the NICU those ones are approved for people/babies who have very sensitive skin.


good idea.

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