I want to start selling my work on multiple platforms

I was just wondering if anyone has some advice when it comes to selling finished products, I don’t make patterns yet I just want to sell all the little things I make. I’ve heard that Etsy is a good website to use but I haven’t heard of any other options. Any input is greatly appreciated! :heart_hands:


you could do it in garage sales markets ribblr etsy ebay, etc.


Farmers or local craft markets have been my bread and butter! I do 1 to 2 a month and it definitely helps move inventory, and sometimes i make customs from it as well!


as @FireStar mentioned, if you get the pattern from ribblr you can sell it here


I have a farmers market that opens every Saturday in my neighborhood but I was told that I have to have an established business in some other way to open a stand, does yours have anything like that required? Thank you for your help!


Mine does not, its really surprising that they require that.

I just had to have a forum/showcase of some sort so they knew what I was planning on bringing. I screenshotted my Ribblr showcase, some personal photos of my products, and linked my Instagram - but they only asked for photos of what I wanted to sell.

I would maybe look at other local markets, or school craft fairs. Generally speaking, they do not have any requirements.

If you like the farmers market nearest to you, you could always reach out to the coordinator and offer to bring by some of your products to see if it fits in with what they are looking for.


It would have to be something unique for Etsy just because there is a lot of people selling frogs and chickens and the usual stuff


That is super helpful, thank you so much for your advice!

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