I was the Black Sheep

I had a therapist tell me that the one acting out is the healthiest one in the family.


a manipulative person will never hate you more than the moment they realize you see them


Ooo, good point!


Hubby and I watched a TV show called “Kevin Can F**k Himself”
This was not what you expect from atv show. This was not only one of the most original looking shows I have come across in a long time… It was the most accurate portrail I have ever seen if what it is really like to live with a manipulative narcissist. Like not not explaining things or talking it out or regular bull crap that only skims the surface… The complete disparity between your real life with that person compared to what everyone around you thinks. That exact moment you wake up and realize that you have to get away, and not having anyone understand or believe you. It was actually quite cathartic to watch.


Wow! Think that’s why they produced the show?

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I don’t know, but they deserve all the awards
It was 2 seasons. Hubby thought it was a cliff hanger and they could continue and after I explained that they really couldn’t and why, he agreed it was perfect.
When you are having your soul sucked dry and your reality challenged, all by a person that everyone loves and refuses to see… There are not enough words to explain it. But it’s the reason why I get very uncomfortable about some shows in tv that everyone just loves. I see that thing, and nobody else does. I am hyper aware of it.


It IS very difficult to explain.


I have (close) family members with felony criminal records for unspeakable crimes, drug addicts, alcoholics, welfare scammers, a stripper, countless children removed and scattered, and several counts of identity fraud, domestic abuse andat least one count of “unaliving” …I came from one of THOSE families, yet I am still universally considered the worst


Again the healthiest of the bunch is treated like a black sheep by the others.