I Wish We Could Categorize Our Patterns!

My Wishlist and pattern hoard is HUGE! I so wish we could sort our saved patterns into groups!

I have to use my archive tab for one type of item I want to save, my Wishlist for another, and my owned patterns for a 3rd category! If there was a way to make customized groups for things like clothes, amigurumi, or scrap patterns; that would be a game changer. It would cut down on all the scrolling and sifting I have to do in order to find something I want to work on. The Stash feature helps out a ton to see if I have the materials. But still it would be nice to be able to sort them all neatly. Having categories for the Owned tab so I can see by weight, pattern type, or color would be so nice.

Could you imagine being able to share a pattern album like with Spotify playlists? You could send your friends a custom Wishlist, or be able to all work on a Collab album at the same time! :heart_eyes:

what do you guys think? I think it would be a way to really help pattern makers get their stuff shared more often too!


I can confirm more customisation is coming as it’s part of the roadmap.

With regards to your wishlist and patterns library you can already use the filters to the left so that’s a nice way to find things quickly plus the search at the top.
With your stash you can click tags then this way find things by colour, weight, brand and more.

Hope that helps! Thanks so much for your input :raised_hands:


Thats so good to hear that more options are coming!! The filters are a great way to organize a search!




oh ya, i agree! that would be so much easier! i have a whole pile of patterns :joy:, especially since i’m planning to make a bunch of stuffies for my friends! would be a great way to keep organized!


That would be very nice… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thnx, @saar
Looking forward to it…! :hugs::two_hearts:


Yes, this is a suggestion that was made in the ribblr wishlist a little while back.