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Hey @Ribblr I think it would be a cool idea for us to be able to post videos in a specific place for tutorials and/or helping out beginner crocheters!! Let me know if anyone else thinks this would be cool :sunglasses: :yarn:


Nice idea. Maybe create an area in our profile somewhere or a link in a pattern that those who buy the pattern can click on




As a beginner and self taught I love tutorials especially with cc and are done very slowly I can’t follow the fast ones I’m snail slow crocheter :grin:


I believe you can create a personal space and have it be specificly for tutorials! Since you have to let Ribblr know the purpose it seems like they would allow it! :grin:


That would be cool I would love to make tutorials


Or post links to already existing good tutorials


The only thing is when you try to post videos it does not work. You have to send it a certain way such as a link. :blush:

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Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. Can you share an example please?

@Ribblr Sure! So basically, this could be in a personal space too, but it would be kinda cool for it to have its own area. So, for new people that came to Ribblr for the first time if they are starting a pattern I think it would be cool for the creator of the pattern to have an option for them to watch a video on it or just for a specific place for tutorials on certain stitches/projects here’s an example say I’m a beginner just joining Ribblr and I don’t know how to crochet/knit/sew at all you would maybe click a button for certain levels like this
(Complete beginner)

Then it would direct you to tutorials just for you! And they could be created by everyone :slight_smile:

Also, if there’s anyway you could fix only being able to put links instead of videos, that would make it a lot easier :wink: :+1:


We currently have tutorials for all stitches available within patterns and within our craft pages.
We also allow linking videos within patterns and the community, of course!

We’d love to see a topic to get this started, then we can have a better understanding of utilization :slight_smile:

I was meaning more specifically for tips/ tricks and patterns

Also what do you mean by


We would like to get specific examples of tutorials you’d like to post in that space.

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Like say there is a Dino pattern then the creator could post a video on how to make it

Anyone who has a pattern could add one for their specific pattern

I would post videos on my patterns and tips for beginners videos

This already exist, so designers can add videos (or link Youtube/Instagram/TikTok) videos in their patterns. It’s up to each designer though!

Furthermore, you can click on any stitch to see a video tutorial.

Let us know if we missed your point though :slight_smile:

What I was trying to say was there are some people who don’t have any social media so they need a different way to be able to post videos…

Got you! You can also upload your own video directly to any pattern :slight_smile:

Really? Usually when I try to upload a video it does this:

Only in patterns currently, here on the community you can only attach video links.

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